CREAMS Limited is a health research support firm (Company Registration No. 11750 under the Companies Act No. 19 of 1984 of the Government of Malawi).

The company was formed in December 2011 to fill the perceived need for private professional guidance in training and conduct of quality clinical and health research amongst stakeholders providing health care in Malawi.

The mission of CREAMS is to act as an additional partner in shaping the research policy, technical and scientific environment that will enable the public and private health sectors in Malawi to capably participate in and effectively contribute to ongoing high quality medical research for generation of evidence in the fight against public health problems

We aim strive for excellence and aim to provide research education and research management services that will assist human resources, public and private health institutions in Malawi to excel in conduct of high quality clinical and health research in line with the national priorities.

Our competences are in:

  • Research training including training in research methods, ethics, grant writing, publishing research results and research projects management

  • Study design

  • Conduct demand driven research on behalf of other stakeholders

  • Assessment of institutional research needs and capacities

  • Networking