CREAMS Limited is a health research support firm (Company Registration No. 11750 under the Companies Act No. 19 of 1984 of the Government of Malawi).

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INASP funds CREAMS to assist in linking health research
to policy in Malawi

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) has funded
Clinical Research Education and Management Services (CREAMS) Ltd with a grant amounting
to US$4,470 to begin a process of building capacity to interpret health research findings
into relevant policy and practice within the Ministry of Health in Malawi. The funded project
by CREAMS is entitled “Engaging policy makers and partners in Malawi for evidence based
decision making in health services delivery”.

The project which will run from March 2013 to November 2013 will comprise:

• 3 quarterly group discussions conducted between key staff in the Health Research
Directorate of Ministry of Health, Staff from College of Medicine of Malawi and a

• Extraction of key relevant research findings from the CREAMS bibliographic database
to build a case study

• Exposing gaps in the area of linking research with policy that will lead to resource
mobilisation for building a long lasting capacity for interpreting health research
findings into relevant policy and practice within Malawian Ministry of Health
• 1 dissemination workshop to Ministry of Health and its key partners in Malawi

• Publish a final report in November 2013.