Our Services include

  1. Research and ethics training: Internal and external trainings to promote research excellence in Malawi and resource-constrained settings
  2. Study coordination, conduct and monitoring
  3. Medical Writing: study reports, publications, and communiqués
  4. Early career research incubation: Recruiting highly motivated early career researchers to nurture them to become brilliant and well-established researchers
  5. Data clinics: This includes collection, curation, screening, interpretation and expert guidance
  6. Research collaboration and networking: Working with various external research teams and centers to conduct research on cross-cutting research priority areas
  7. Research capacity assessment and development
  8. Research regulatory affairs and consulting


Our desired outcomes include

  1. Making research accessible to everyone
  2. Better Private-Public sector coordination
  3. Fostering more local and international collaborative research opportunities
  4. Improved personal and institutional research capacity
  5. Generating data for Evidence based decision making